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Medium-term multi-organ carcinogenesis bioassay

英語版 中期多臓器発がん性試験

DMBDD treatment : Five carcinogens (DEN, MNU, BBN, DMH, DHPN) sequential treatment


ICH guideline recommends medium-term multi-organ carcinogenesis bioassay as in vivo additional test for carcinogenicity.

Advantages of our medium-term multi-organ carcinogenesis bioassay is simultaneously evaluated for carcinogenicity in several organs such as tongue, esophagus, forestomach, intestine, liver, nasal cavity, lungs, mammary gland, thyroid, kidney and urinary bladder as well as leukemia in a relatively short time. We have applied above assays to Japanese authority. Besides, anti-carcinogenic substances can be also detected.


Medium-term Carcinogenesis Bioassay/Safety Assessment for Developing Products

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