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26-Week carcinogenicity study using rasH2 transgenic mice

This study is expected as an alternative study instead of long-term carcinogenicity study.

The results from carcinogenicity study using rasH2 transgenic mice are relevant to human risk assessment.

This study is accepted in US authority and the actual achievement is increasing in pharmaceutical company worldwide.

Usefulness in development for pharmaceutical product

Cost-effective investigations can be performed with smaller study sample through short experimental period.

Information regarding carcinogenicity can be earlier offered to phase III clinical patients.

     It enables reducing the number of experimental animals.

Confirmation stability of genetic condition in experimental animals

Conformation for genetic condition is performed periodically at the animal reproductive facility.

Reaction of positive control, MNU, is performed periodically in rasH2 transgenic mice at Central Institute for Experimental Animals (CIEA).

Diagnostic criterion

International Harmonization of Nomenclature and Diagnostic Criteria (INHAND)


Medium-term Carcinogenesis Bioassay/Safety Assessment for Developing Products

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