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Preparation of histopathology specimen

Preparation of histopathology specimen
Histopathological investigation

Preparation of histopathology specimen, and histopathological investigation for experimental animals

H&E stained specimen

Special stained specimen

Immunohistochemically stained specimen

Histopathological investigation



We are pleased to meet the requested deadline.

We aim to keep low price and high quality.

We would like to accept the order of preparing paraffin block or non-stained specimen.

H&E stained specimen

Special or immunohistochemically stained specimen is available using serial thin-section for H&E staining.

Special stained specimen
Immunohistochemically stained specimen

We are pleased to consult your order about histopathological preparation


<Special stained specimen>

Connective tissue Azan stain, Masson trichrome stain, Elastica van Gieson stain, Picrosirius red stain
Polysaccharide Periodic acid Schiff reaction, Toluidine blue stain, Alcian blue stain
Inorganic substance Berlin blue stain (iron)
Central nerve tissue Klüver-Barrera’s stain
Cartilage tissue Saflanine O stain


<Immunohistochemically stained specimen>



      We are pleased to consult staining other than the mentioned above.

Histopathological investigation


Histopathological slides will be examined by toxicologic pathologist (Dipl. JSTP).

BrdU-labeled cells or PCNA and Ki-67 positive cells are counted and calculated as the percentages of cell positive.

Only request for histopathological diagnose is accepted.

Pathology peer review is conducted.


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