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Developers of Medium-term Carcinogenesis Bioassays in the world. / Contract safety research facility.


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Consulting Services

1.Translation service (pharmaceuticals*, agrochemicals, foods, etc,)
 ・Translation of study reports, application materials, etc. (English translation,
  Japanese translation)

2.Quality Check service (pharmaceuticals*, agrochemicals, foods, etc.)
 ・Raw data, study reports, various application materials, etc.

3.Support for preparing application materials (pharmaceuticals*, agrochemicals)
 ・Pharmaceuticals: IND/CTA submission documents,
                            Investigator’s Brochure
                            CTD (nonclinical part)
 ・Agrochemicals: OECD Dossier

4.Regulatory submission support (pharmaceuticals*, agrochemicals)
 ・Response to inquiries after application, face-to-face meeting of regulatory authorities

5.Project development management, nonclinical evaluation of license-in products,
 support for licensing-out (pharmaceuticals*)

 ・Consultation for clinical introduction/phase up of developing projects
 ・Measure for Due Diligence of license-in project, license-out strategy advice, etc.

6.Education and training
 ・Histology slide-reading training for pathologists
 ・Consulting service related to GLP regulation and reliability standards


*Covering non-clinical studies (pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology)


Medium-term Carcinogenesis Bioassay/Safety Assessment for Developing Products

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