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Contract research service

We offer sophisticated contract research services based on a wide scholarship and experiences piled up.

Non-clinical experimental services for developmental products are carried out by our staffs learned a wide scholarship and piled up rich experiences. Contract studies are strictly conducted in compliance with GLP regulation of authorities and various guidelines.

Remarkably, unique medium-term carcinogenesis bioassay models are well assessed as capable of predicting chemical carcinogenicity in a relative short-term, and investigating a candidate substance for anti-carcinogenicity. Contract studies are conducted by fully utilizing our toxicological and pathological ability. We are looking forward to receiving your contact.

DIMS and INA Started a Collaboration on Nonclinical Contract Study Service

DIMS Institute of Medical Science Inc. (DIMS, Ichinomiya, AICHI, President: Seiko Tamano) and Ina Research Inc. (INA, Ina, NAGANO, President and CEO: Kenshi Nakagawa) announce that the companies have started collaboration on nonclinical contract study service as of 5 October, 2020.
Based on collaboration agreement between DIMS and INA, through INA by secondary consignment DIMS will be able to provide customers with services that DIMS could not provide before; Nonclinical safety studies including non-rodent general toxicity studies, safety pharmacology studies, in vitro genotoxicity studies, and reproduction toxicity studies.  As a result, DIMS will build the one-stop services for nonclinical development of pharmaceuticals; receiving an order of nonclinical safety studies as a package necessary for clinical introduction/new drug approval of pharmaceuticals and preparing submission dossier such as CTD, IND/CTA documents, and Investigator’s Brochure.  
On the other hand, for INA, DIMS will provide contracts related to medium-term carcinogenicity tests, which is the core competence of DIMS.
Through this collaboration, we, DIMS and INA, believe that we will be able to further enhancement of customer service by sharing the strengths of both companies, and by complementing necessary items mutually. We will continue discussions to improve the quality of customer service.

Please contact for DIMS
TEL: +81-586-51-1201

List of contract research services

We take a contracted study including medical drug, quasi-drug, agricultural chemical, food, food additive and chemical substance, etc. They are conducted in GLP- compliant facility, and reliable data are offered.

1. Toxicological study

Single dose toxicity study (rats and mice)

Repeated dose toxicity study (rats and mice)

Rodent micronucleus study

Local irritation study (skin, eye)

Sensitization study (Maximization method, Adjuvant & Patch method, Buehler method)


2. Carcinogenicity study

Medium-term skin carcinogenesis bioassay

Medium-term liver carcinogenesis bioassay

Medium-term multi-organ carcinogenesis bioassay

26-Week carcinogenicity study using rasH2 transgenic mice

 Screening test of ultra-short-term skin carcinogenesis bioassay using rasH2 transgenic mice

 Long-term carcinogenicity study (rats and mice)


3. Genotoxicity study
     Mouse micronucleus test
     Ames test, Chromosome aberration test, etc.
       (Those tests are accepted as secondary contract test at outside laboratories.)

4.   Intratracheal instillation study (rat and mice)

     Lung toxicity evaluation of chemical substances
     Pharmacological evaluation (in mouse pulmonary fibrosis model etc.)

Safety evaluation using intratracheal instillation method

5.  Regenerative medicine

in vivo tumorigenicity study

6.  Anti-tumorigenesis test
    Xenograft model using human-originated cancer cell
    Syngeneic model using mouse-originated cancer cell
    Chemical carcinogenesis model

7.  Preparation of histopathology specimens and histopathological evaluation



Medium-term Carcinogenesis Bioassay/Safety Assessment for Developing Products

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