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Posted in 2021

1. Numano, T., Sugiyama, T., Kawabe, M., Mera, Y., Ogawa, R., Nishioka, A., Fukui, H., Sato, K., Hagiwara, Y. Lung toxicity of a vapor-grown carbon fiber in comparison with a multi-walled carbon nanotube on F344 rats. J Toxicol Pathol, 34: 57-71, 2021.

Posted in 2020

1.Numano, T., Morioka, M., Higuchi, H., Uda, K., Sugiyama, T., Hagiwara, T., Doi, Y., Imai, N., Kawabe, M., Mera, Y., Tamano, S. Effects of administering different vehicles via single intratracheal instillation on responses in the lung and pleural cavity of Crl:CD(SD) rats. J Toxicol Pathol, 33: 11-19, 2020.

2.Kawabe, M., Urano, K., Suguro, M., Hara, T., Kageyama, Y., Mera, Y., Tsutsumi, H. Establishment and validation of an ultra-short-term skin Carcinogenicity bioassay using Tg-rasH2 mice. Veterinary Pathology 57:192-199, 2020.

3.Senoh,H., Kano,H., Suzuki,M., Fukushima,S., Oshima,Y., Kobayashi,T., Morimoto,Y., Izumi,H., Ota,Y., Takehara,H., Numano,T., Kawabe, M., Gamo,M., Takeshita,J.,
Inter-laboratory comparison of pulmonary lesions induced by intratracheal instillation of NiO nanoparticle in rats: Histopathological examination results
Journal of Occupational Health 62:e12117, 2020.

4.Saleh, D.M., Alexander, W.T., Numano,T., Ahmed, O.H.M., Gunasekaran, S., Alexander, D.B., Abdelgied, M., El-Gazzar, A.M., Takase, H., Xu, J., Naiki-Ito, A., Takahashi, S., Hirose, A., Ohnishi, M., Kanno, J., Tsuda, H. Comparative carcinogenicity study of a thick, straight-type and a thin, tangled-type multi-walled carbon nanotube administered by intra-tracheal instillation in the rat.  Particle and Fibre Toxicology 17:48, 2020.

Posted in 2019

1.Nishimura, I., Doi, Y., Imai, N., Kawabe, M., Mera, Y., Shiina, T. Carcinogenicity of intermediate frequency magnetic field in Tg.rasH2 mice. Bioelectromagnetics, 40:160-169, 2019.

2.Anzai, T., Matsuyama, T., Wasko, M., Hatakeyama, H., Horikawa, S.-I., Anzai, R., Iwata, H., Imai, N., Mizuhashi, F., Tsuboi, M., Okuzono, T., Takagi, H., Cho, H., Rong, B.T.S., Masaki, F., Nakae, D. Establishment of the global SEND alliance (G-SEND) in japan and efficient creation of electronic SEND datasets between CROs. J Toxicol. Pathol., 32:119-126, 2019.

3.Numano, T., Higuchi, H., Alexander, D.B., Alexander, W.T., Abdelgied, M., El-Gazzar, A.M., Saleh, D., Takase, H., Hirose, A., Naiki-Ito, A., Suzuki, S., Takahashi, S., Tsuda, H. MWCNT-7 administered to the lung by intratracheal instillation induces development of pleural mesothelioma in F344 rats. Cancer Science, 110:2485-2492, 2019.

4.Abdelgied, M., El-Gazzar, A.M., Alexander, W.T., Numano, T., Iigou, M., Naiki-Ito, A., Takase, H., Hirose, A., Taquahashi, Y., Kanno, J., Abdelhamid, M., Abdou, K.A., Takahashi, S., Alexander, D.B., Tsuda, H. Carcinogenic effect of potassium octatitanate (POT) fibers in the lung and pleura of male Fischer 344 rats after intrapulmonary administration. Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 16:34, 2019.

Posted in 2018

1.Kuroda, H., Kinomoto, T., Ogawa, S., Kawabe, M., Suguro, M., Naraoka, H., Takamatsu, K., Oishi, Y. Progression process and safety assessment adaptation of endometrial lesions in ENU-induced 2-stage uterine carcinogenicity in a Tg-rasH2 mouse model.
J Toxicol Pathol, 31: 35-41, 2018.

2.Ogawa, S., Kuroda, H., Kinomoto, T., Kawabata, Y., Kawabe, M., Suguro, M., Oishi, Y. Verification of a false positive in a two-year rat carcinogenicity study using dual control groups.
J Toxicol. Sci., 43: 557-563, 2018.

3.Iwadate, K., Yamaguchi, Y., Sasaki, M., Nakatani, M., Doi, Y., Imai, N., Tamano, S., Nishihori, Y.  Carcinogenicity study of poly-trans-[(2-carboxyethyl) germasesquioxane] (Ge-132) in F344 rats. Fundamental Toxicological Sciences, 5: 127-140, 2018.

4.Abdelgied, M., El-Gazzar, A.M., Alexander,D.B., Alexander, W.T., Numano, T., ligou, M.,  Naiki-lto, A., Takase, H., Abdou,K.A., Hirose, A., Taquahashi, Y., Kanno, J., Tsuda, H., Takahashi, S., Potassium octatitanate fibers induce persistent lung and pleural injury and are possibly carcinogenic in male Fischer 344 rats

Cancer Science, 109:2164-2177, 2018.

5.Takeshita, J., Ono, J., Suzuki, T., Kano, H., Oshima, Y., Morimoto, Y., Takehara, H., Numano, T., Fujita, K., Shinohara, N., Yamamoto, K., Honda, K., Fukushima, S., Gamo, M., Application of ISO 5725 to evaluate measurement precision of distribution within the lung after intratracheal administration Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences

Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing XI:357-364 , 2018.

Posted in 2017

1. Honda, H., Kawamoto, T., Doi, Y., Matsumura, S., Ito, Y., Imai, N., Ikeda, N., Mera, Y., Morita, O.  Alpha-linolenic acid-enriched diacylglycerol oil dose not promote tumor development in tongue and gastrointestinal tract tissues in a medium-term multi-organ carcinogenesis bioassay using male F344 rat. Food Chem. Toxicol., 106: 185-192, 2017.

2. Doi, Y., Imai, N., Suguro, M., Numano, T., Furukawa, F.  No carcinogenicity of poly-trans-[(2-carboxyethyl) germasesquioxane] (Ge-132): 26-week feeding study using rasH2 mice. Fundamental Toxicological Sciences, 4: 137-150, 2017.

3. Shirai, T., Wang, J., Kawabe, M., Wake, K., Watanabe, S., Takahashi, S., Fujiwara, O. No adverse effects detected for simultaneous whole-body exposure to multiple-frequency radiofrequency electromagnetic fields for rats in the intrauterine and pre- and post-weaning periods. Journal of Radiation Research, 58: 48-58, 2017.

4. Suguro, M., Numano, T., Kawabe, M., Doi, Y., Imai, N., Mera, Y., and Tamano, S. Lung tumor induction by 26-week dermal application of 1,2-dichloroethane
In CB6F1-Tg rasH2 mice. Toxicologic Pathology, 45, 427-434, 2017.

Posted in 2016

1.Suzui, M., Futakuchi, M., Fukamachi, K., Numano, T., Abdelgied, M., Takahashi, S., Ohnishi, M., Omori, T., Tsuruoka, S., Hirose, A., Kanno, J., Sakamoto, Y., Alexander, D.B., Alexander, W.T., Jiegou, X., Tsuda, H. Multiwalled carbon nanotubes intratracheally instilled into the rat lung induce development of pleural malignamt mesothelioma and lung tumors. Cancer Sci., 107: 924-935, 2016.

Posted in 2015

1.Kakehashi, A., Hagiwara, A., Imai, N., Wei, M., Fukushima, S., Wanibuchi, H. Induction of cell proliferation in the rat liver by the short-term administration of ethyl tertiary-butyl ether. J. Toxicol. Pathol., 28: 27-32, 2015.

2.Hagiwara,A.Doi,Y.Imai,N.,Suguro,M.Kawabe,M.Furukawa,F.Tamano,S., Nagano,K., and Fukushima,S. Promotion of liver and kidney carcinogenesis by ethyl tertiary-butyl ether (ETBE)  in male Wistar rats.J Toxicol Pathol ; 28: 189–195, 2015.

Posted in 2014

1.Xu, J., Futakuchi, M., Alexander, D. B, Fukamachi, K., Numano, T., Suzui, M., Shimizu, H., Omori, T., Kanno, J., Hirose, A., Tsuda, H. Nanosized zinc oxide particles do not promote DHPN-induced lung carcinogenesis but cause reversible epithelial hyperplasia of terminal bronchioles. Arch. Toxicol., 88: 65-75, 2014.

2.Numano, T., Xu, J., Futakuchi, M., Fukamachi, K., Alexander, D. B, Furukawa, F., Kanno, J., Hirose, A., Tsuda, H., Suzui, M. Comparative study of toxic effects of anatase and rutile type nanosized titanium dioxide particles in vivo and in vitro. Asian Pac. J. Cancer Prev., 15: 929-935, 2014.

3.Xu, J., Alexander, D. B, Futakuchi, M., Numano, T., Fukamachi, K., Suzui, M., Omori, T., Kanno, J., Hirose, A., Tsuda, H. Size- and shape-dependent pleural translocation, deposition, fibrogenesis, and mesothelial proliferation by multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Cancer Sci., 105: 763-769, 2014.

4.Yokohira, M., Yamakawa, K., Nakano, Y., Numano, T., Furukawa, F., Kishi, S., Ninomiya, F., Kanie, S., Hitotsumachi, H., Saoo, K., Imaida, K. Immunohistochemical characteristics of surfactant proteins A, B, C and D in inflammatory and tumorigenic lung lesions of F344 rats. J. Toxicol. Pathol., 27: 175-182, 2014.

5.Shirai, T., Imai, N., Wang, J., Takahashi, S., Kawabe, M., Wake, K., Kawai, H., Watanabe, S., Furukawa, F., Fujiwara, O. Multigenerational effects of whole body exposure to 2.14 GHz W-CDMA cellular phone signals on brain function in rats. Bioelectromagnetics, 35: 497-511, 2014.

Posted in 2013

1.Kawabe, M., Urano, K., Suguro, M., Numano, T., Taguchi, F., Tsutsumi, H., Furukawa, F. Tumor promotion by 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate in an ultra short-term skin carcinogenesis bioassay using rasH2 mice. Veterinary Pathology 50: 903-908, 2013.


2.Hagiwara, A., Imai, N., Doi, Y., Suguro, M., Kawabe, M., Furukawa, F., Nagano, K., Fukushima, S. No promoting effect of ethyl tertiary-butyl ether (ETBE) on rat urinary bladder carcinogenesis initiated with N-Butyl- N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine. J. Toxicol. Pathol., 26: 351-357, 2013.

3.Kakehashi, A., Hagiwara, A., Imai, N., Nagano, K., Nishimaki F., Banton, M., Wei, M., Fukushima, S., Wanibuchi, H. Mode of action of ethyl tertiary-butyl ether hepatotumorigenicity in the rat: Evidence for a role of oxidative stress via activation of CAR, PXR and PPAR signaling pathways. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 273: 390-400, 2013.

Posted in 2012

1.Imai, N.Kawabe, M., Tamano, S., Doi, Y., Nakashima, H., Suguro, M., Numano, T., Hara, T., Hagiwara, A., Furukawa, F., Kaneda, Y., Tateishi, N., Fujii, W., Kawashima, H., Shibata, H., Sakakibara, Y.  Arachidonate-enriched triglyceride oil dose not promote tumor development in a rat medium-term multi-organ carcinogenesis model. Food Chem. Toxicol., 50: 2780-2791, 2012.


2.Takahashi, M., Kato, H., Doi, Y.,  Hagiwara, A., Hirata-Koizumi, M., Ono, A., Kubota, R., Nishimura, T., Hirose, A. Sub-acute oral toxicity study with fullerene C60 in rats. J. Toxicol. Sci., 37: 353-361, 2012.


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